Heart Marriage Quiz:


Are You Heart Married?


 Directions:  Answer Yes or No to the following questions about your relationship.


  1.      When talking about you and your girl/boyfriend, do people ever say, “You two act like a married



2.      Do your friends often ask you when you and your boy/girlfriend are getting married and you feel a little uneasy about the question or have no answer even though you’ve been together for a long time?


3.      Do you find yourself thinking that maybe this Christmas, birthday or Valentine’s, your boyfriend will give you an engagement ring, and it never seems to happen?


4.      Do you ever think about breaking up with your girl/boyfriend, but don’t because you feel like you’ve invested so much time already or you’re afraid of being lonely and starting over with someone else?


5.      Have you had thoughts of ending your relationship or tried to break up but it’s just too painful when you are apart, so you get back together, thinking that since you were so miserable, it must mean that you love each other and should be together?


6.      Does sex seem to be the one thing that gets you and your partner through your difficulties and/or doubts about your relationship?


7.      Do you ever have the feeling of being “stuck” in your relationship – that it’s just rolling along to nowhere; and you wonder where all the years have gone and how you got to where you are?


8.      Have you ever thought to yourself, “We’ve been together so long, I guess we ought to just go ahead and get married”?


9.      When you make any plans such as taking a trip or moving to another city  or even buying a house, do you most always think in terms of you and your boy/girlfriend instead of just yourself?


10.  Are at least two of the following four statements true of your relationship?  1) You have been dating each other exclusively for more than a year and would feel like you were cheating if you dated someone else.  2) You have been sexually intimate since fairly early in your relationship.  3) You live together or practically live together with clothes and toothbrush at each other’s place.  4) You have no stated or concrete plans to marry.


Scoring Key:


  If you answered Yes to 5 questions, it is possible you are heart married.

  If you answered Yes to 8 questions, you are definitely heart married.

  If you answered Yes to Question # 10 and only one other question, you

        are in danger of becoming heart married.


Taking It To Heart:  A Call to Action:


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